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5 Cost-Effective Perks You Can Offer Your Employees

No one knows the phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” better than small business owners. It takes a lot of funding to run a small business and you may not have all of the financial freedoms that other companies have. This can unfortunately mean that sometimes you have less funds when it comes to offering perks to your employees. But not to worry! There are still many great cost-effective ways that you can treat your employees for all of their hard work and dedication. Keep reading as we review 5 budget-friendly perks that you can offer your employees to show them your appreciation. 

1) Employee discounts

If your company sells consumer goods or services, a great way to treat your employees is to give them discounts or free items. This can allow your employees to save money and may also help you attract new employees that love your products.

2) Event tickets 

Finding some cost-effective event tickets to treat your employees can allow you to reward their contributions as well as increase excitement and engagement. By giving the opportunity for employees to spend time together outside of work, you also boost team building and bonding amongst your colleagues.

3) Summer Fridays 

Many companies offer their employees summer Fridays which allows them to leave work early to enjoy the warm weather before the weekend. Also, if your organization can afford it, you could consider giving your employees Fridays off in the summer. 

4) Flexible work hours 

By giving your employees flexible hours, you provide them with the freedom to complete their work around their own schedule. This allows your team members to accommodate travel times, taking their kids to school or various appointments they may have. This perk can also help to attract job seekers, with flexible work hours becoming a trend due to the recent pandemic. 

5) Provide opportunities for growth 

Show your employees that you believe in and want to invest in their future by providing them with growth opportunities. Examples of this include mentorship programs or training sessions that help them improve their skills. This also works to your company’s benefit and ensures that your employees are equipped with the best resources to help your business reach its goals. 

As you can see, employee appreciation really doesn’t require boatloads of cash and these simple perks can still show your employees that you are grateful for them without having to spend outside of your means.

That being said, knowing which perks will work best for your employees depends on your business and finding the right fit can be hard. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money on a perk that won’t resonate with your team. Luckily, there are professionals available to help guide you on how to best reward your team for their great work. Here at STEPS, we offer small business support services and can work with you to develop cost-effective employee perks that leave your employees feeling acknowledged and appreciated. Learn more by visiting our services page or send us a message on your contact page.

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