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Virtual Assistant

We understand that running a small business takes a lot of work. With a virtual assistant, you can streamline your operations and maximize productivity. Allow a VA to handle your administrative tasks such as social media management and data entry while you focus on the core tasks involved in running your company.

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Social Media Management

Day-to-day social media tasks can be taken off your plate by your VA. Do you have a social media plan, but no time for posting? Let us manage it for you. Your VA can schedule posts, pay for advertising and ensure that all questions receive a response.


Data Entry

Your assigned virtual assistant can take your lists, business cards, receipts and more and update your spreadsheets, databases, customer emails and any other document you have on the go. Your VA can log information in your CRM (client relationship management) system so you don't forget a single potential lead.


Calendar Management

Focus on the important events in your life by asking your assistant to manage your emails, schedule your appointments and clean up your inbox.


Office Administration

Let your virtual assistant manage the time-consuming, but crucial, business operations and administrative tasks. Your VA can write your correspondence, blogs, newsletters, employee offers and more. Powerpoint presentations are a breeze when the template is created by your assistant.

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