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Payroll Services

Payroll services are an essential component of any business that wants to ensure accurate and timely compensation. By allowing us to handle your payroll services, you can save time and resources that can otherwise be devoted to managing the many other aspects of running your small business.


Payroll Processing

Do you want to save time and reduce risk? Let us help by processing your payroll. Our services include payroll taxes, keeping employee records, issuing pay cheques/direct deposits, employment letters, tracking vacation days, personal emergency days and stat days, among many more.

Time Sheet Photo.png

Time Sheet Management

Keeping track of multiple employees and their hours can be difficult. Allow us to manage these records for you by tracking and recording employee work hours through the use of time sheets. This process ensures that employees are compensated for their hours accurately and effectively.


Remittances and Year End Reports

Although the management of remittances and year-end reports may sound overwhelming, don’t worry! We are here to help! Our team of professionals can manage these documents for you to avoid any costly legal issues.

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