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The 4 Main Elements That Should Be Included In Any Mission Statement

Updated: Jan 24

A mission statement is to a business what a tagline is to a book; it needs to hook the reader and get them interested in your story. A good mission statement defines the identity of your company and establishes the basis from which your business makes its decisions. This statement also guides the company’s culture by showing employees the purpose and meaning of their work. But what should you include in your mission statement to spark this drive and purpose in your company? Keep reading to learn the 4 main elements that should be included in any mission statement.  


1) Purpose

One of the main things that people like to know about a business is the ‘why’. Why are you doing what you are doing? You need to dig into the heart of your business idea and find out what sets your company apart. Ask yourself: what is the primary reason that my business exists? 

2) Capability

This aspect should highlight the ways that your business excels. Anyone can have a great business idea but what strengths and advances make your idea unique? Identify your core abilities to reflect what you and your company are amazing at.


3) Inspirational 

Although not as fanciful as your vision statement, your mission statement still needs to be inspiring and motivating. This is especially important when things go wrong. It can be extremely valuable to have a strong mission statement that your company can return to in times of uncertainty and change. 


4) Clarity

If a mission statement is too short it may exclude mandatory components, but if it’s too long it can become cumbersome and easily forgettable. Make sure to strike a balance between these two and ensure that your statement is informative while also being succinct. 


All in all, creating a strong and effective mission statement can be foundational to the success of your business, although it can be difficult to remember all the elements that make a great statement. At STEPS, we have professionals who are trained to catch these elements. Don’t hesitate to reach out on our contact page and we can begin helping you accelerate your mission statement.

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