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5 Fun Ideas to Make Team Meetings More Engaging

Are you as tired of the “everyone share a fun fact about themselves” ice breaker as we are? This exercise has been repeated so many times in meetings that many of us have our fun fact memorized at this point. Let’s spice up our team meetings with some fresh exercises that can help engage your team. Keep reading as we list 5 fun ideas to help you jazz up your team meetings.  


1) Word of the day 

At the start of the meeting, pick a word of the day such as “strawberry”. Challenge your team members to slip the word into the conversation without others noticing. For example, “I think that if we work together to strawberry on the current project, we can get a lot more done.” If you catch someone using the word, yell out “word of the day!” This exercise also helps to keep team members more focused on what is being discussed.  


2) Home office scavenger hunt 

If you are hosting a virtual meeting, you can organize a home office scavenger hunt. Come up with a list of 3-5 items for your attendees to find in their homes. For example, their favorite book, a baby photo, a blanket, a pair of fun socks, etc. Give everyone 5 minutes to collect as many items on the list as they can. Whoever brings back the most items wins! 


3) Have everyone dress in a theme 

Picking a fun dress code can bring out a few laughs and allow everyone to bond. It is also a great way for team members to show off their style and personality. Here at STEPS, we hosted a themed meeting this month we all dressed in birthday party entire for our Chief People Leader's birthday!  


4) Never have I ever - office addition  

With a few changes, this typical party game can be a great way for team members to learn more about one another. Depending on the nature of your questions, this can also be a great way to laugh along with your team. For example, never have I ever: piled things under my desk and out of sight on a call to make it look like my office was cleaner than it was.  


5) Question of the month 

Ask employees a question about themselves to help everyone bond more. Try to make these questions more unique rather than generic questions that we have all answered before. A great example would be “What was your favorite TV show growing up?” This can also allow employees to see who also shares their favorites.  


Meetings often get a bad rep for being boring but with these ideas in mind, you can make your meetings more engaging and fun for your team. But, if you still find it hard to come up with fresh and interesting ideas for your meetings, there are resources that can help you. Here at STEPS, we can work with you and your small business to review the best methods on how to engage and reach your team in group meetings. Learn more about what we offer on our services page or send us a message with your questions or comments on our contact page.  

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