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3 Main Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Marketing at Your Small Business

Updated: Jan 24

Sometimes marketing can be like that yoga class you keep saying you’ll go to; you want to give it attention but you just don’t have the time and it often gets pushed aside. Although tempting to do, marketing is essential for the success of your small business and should be given your full attention. Keep reading to learn the main 3 reasons why you should prioritize marketing at your small business.

1) It can make your results more consistent, which builds customer loyalty and trust

If you create a consistent marketing plan, customers are more likely to remember and trust you. Think about it - a promotional email subscription that consistently sends out emails on Mondays is much more reliable and memorable for customers than promotional emails that are just sent sporadically.

2) It allows you to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends

It’s no secret that marketing trends change and what worked in one year may not work in another. By prioritizing marketing, you can stay on top of your marketing strategies and observe their success. Nothing’s worse than wasting time and money on an outdated marketing campaign.

3) It provides your business with information on your client base, which allows you to best adhere to their needs

Believe it or not, marketing isn’t just about promotion - it can give you some insightful information on your customers too. Based on the social media posts with the most engagement, you can learn more about your target audience and what they want. For example, a Facebook post with a poll on it about which products are your customers’ favourites can help you learn where customer demand is.

We get that as a small business owner, you may not always have the time to create a marketing plan for your company. Outsourcing your marketing may be just the fix for you to get the best results. Here at STEPS, we have marketing professionals that would be happy to help you! Visit our website’s services page to learn more about the marketing services we offer.

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